Monday, July 9, 2007

Fwd: Live Earth: Grow the Movement for a Climate in Crisis

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Date: Jul 9, 2007 3:37 AM
Subject: Live Earth: Grow the Movement for a Climate in Crisis
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Live Earth: The Movement for a Climate in Crisis Thank you so much for being part of Live Earth. Millions of people attended the concerts and the 10,000+ "Friends of Live Earth" events and house parties in 195 countries. Millions of people watched or heard the event online, on TV, or on the radio. Millions pledged to change their own actions and hold our leadership accountable.

You're part of an incredible worldwide movement - the moment when the world came together to demand solutions to the climate crisis. You can help us spread the word - please forward this email to five of your friends and ask them to sign onto the Live Earth Pledge at:
Together we will solve the climate crisis.
Watch the best of Live Earth on MSN:

Madonna, Beastie Boys, Black Eyed Peas? Did you miss your favorite act on 7/7/07? You can see highlights and songs from all the concerts online at Clips of everything from Al Gore's speech to Kanye West's performance are available for you to watch online. Create your own playlists and share with friends!
A Global Campaign
The Live Earth concerts are the start of a worldwide campaign to solve the climate crisis. Our partners The Alliance for Climate Protection, I Count, The Climate Group, and Avaaz (as well as WWF Australia and Climate Action Partnership in South Africa) will be working together to make sure we all live up to our commitments - in our personal lives and globally. You'll hear more soon from these partners and from Live Earth about what we all can do to keep spreading the Live Earth message.

Look for a special message later this week from Vice President Gore - and thanks again for helping to make Live Earth a historic event.

Pass it on!

Forward your friends a Live Earth text message or this email and inspire them to join the movement to combat the climate crisis. Use our email tool to send a message to your entire address book.