Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MoveOn members favorite candidate on Climate issues is...

From: Political Action
Date: Jul 11, 2007 12:10 PM
Subject: The verdict is in
This weekend, all the Democratic presidential candidates pledged to address the climate crisis head-on. And with nearly 100,000 votes cast, you chose former Senator John Edwards' plan as the strongest.

It's really encouraging that the candidates are taking global warming so seriously. But frankly, it's not enough. Even with a new president committed to stopping climate change, we're gonna need a campaign, and a movement. After years of writing the rules, ExxonMobil and Shell won't go along quietly. And coal companies probably won't wake up one morning and realize that they're boiling the globe. Industry will take every chance it gets to water down, obstruct, and delay these plans.

So today we're aiming to raise $150,000 to run ads, pay organizers, and do the day-to-day work of changing America's climate policy and moving us toward a green-energy future. With your help, we can make sure that when industry pushes leaders in one direction, there's an overwhelming movement pushing back. Can you chip in $100 today to support our campaign to stop climate change?

The stakes couldn't be higher: Unless the next president offers real leadership, we'll see the effects of heating on our planet worsen in the next 10 years—raging heat waves, epidemics, catastrophic storms, and species extinction.

Here's the good news: At the town hall, every single candidate made a commitment to move on the climate crisis. While John Edwards' plan got the most support—with 33 percent of the vote by MoveOn members—Dennis Kucinich and Hillary Clinton fought it out for second, with Barack Obama coming in right behind them.

And folks were really enthused about some of the plans offered. Here are a few comments on John Edwards' plan:

"A leader's biggest job is to inspire and inflame our hearts and minds to take on whatever challenges face us...Big problems need big ideas. Crises require passionate commitment. John Edwards seems to me to have the vision necessary to begin healing our earth." —Kathleen F., Abbeville, SC

"All efforts at progress rest on a simple truth: the public good is more important than any private interest. John Edwards understands this. His emphasis on poverty and political economy interface perfectly with efforts to combat global warming. Go Edwards!" —Jason O., Brunswick, ME

"As a resident of New Orleans, I appreciate how John Edwards understands the close connection between Global Warming, Hurricanes, Coastal Protection, Green Jobs, and Poverty ... all of which affect New Orleanians directly." —Grant C., New Orleans, LA

It's a hopeful sign that so many of the candidates have real plans to address the climate crisis. But the energy industry giants are going to be working every step of the way to water these plans down.

It's going to take an organized movement of folks on the ground and ads on the air to make sure that our leaders solve the climate crisis. Can you chip in $100 today to support our climate change campaign?

Here are the full results from the Climate Virtual Town Hall vote (remember, this does not imply a MoveOn endorsement):

Sen. John Edwards
Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Sen. Hillary Clinton
Sen. Barack Obama
Gov. Bill Richardson
Sen. Joe Biden 3.06%
Sen. Chris Dodd 3.01%
Sen. Mike Gravel 1.78%

Together we're making sure our next president puts a healthy planet and a healthy future at the top of the agenda. Thanks for all you do.

–Ilyse, Daniel, Carrie, Eli and the Political Action Team
  Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

P.S. In case you're curious, members who went to parties voted a little different than other members. Here's how those votes came out:

Sen. John Edwards
Gov. Bill Richardson
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 17.5%
Se. Hillary Clinton
Sen. Barack Obama
Sen. Joe Biden 6.2%
Sen. Chris Dodd 3.6%
Sen. Mike Gravel 3%

P.P.S. Check out this new YouTube video from film director Robert Greenwald, Fox Attacks: The Environment. It exposes how Rupert Murdoch's Fox consistently spreads misinformation about, and denies, the global climate crisis.

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